Successful Commissioning of Multi-step Flow Chemistry Plant for API’s & Intermediates at Cipla Ltd.

3 March 2018

Chemtrix | Chemtrix BV (NL), AM Technology (UK), Fuji Techno (Japan) & Pi Process Intensification (India) are proud to announce their collaboration

Chemtrix BV

Chemtrix combines expertise in the field of (chemical) engineering & chemistry to help our Customers to benefit from Flow Chemistry.  Our expertise enables us to offer scalable & flexible Flow Chemistry solutions.  We focus on delivering the customer higher profits by accessing new chemical possibilities, via a safe & reliable scale-up from lab to production.

AM Technology

AM Technology specialises in the design & manufacture of actively-mixed, continuous flow reactors for the chemical & pharmaceutical industries.  Offering versatile, scalable, general-purpose & continuous manufacturing from laboratory to production scale.

Pi Process Intensification

Pi Process Intensification is a group of chemical engineers & scientists specialised in Process Intensification for the API & fine chemical industries.  With 30+ years of industrial & research experience, delivering over 100 grass-roots projects in 14 countries, involving technology development, process-engineering, specialized equipment designs & detailed engineering.  Pi delivers in the areas of APIs, intermediates, agrochemicals, fine chemicals, using evolved techniques to handle hazardous reactions & reagents safely.

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