Optimised Experimental Design Platform for Continuous Flow Reactors (CONOPT)

4 May 2020

Perceptive Engineering

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Nelson Mandela University Lead the Way in the Flow Synthesis of a Key Tamiflu Intermediate

13 April 2020

Chemtrix | 2020-04-13

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CC FLOW - Working Towards the Development of Cost Effective Manufacturing Routes for Medicines!

14 October 2019

Chemtrix | CCFLOW 14.10.2019

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Successful Commissioning of Multi-step Flow Chemistry Plant for API’s & Intermediates at Cipla Ltd.

3 March 2018

Chemtrix | Chemtrix BV (NL), AM Technology (UK), Fuji Techno (Japan) & Pi Process Intensification (India) are proud to announce their collaboration

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