KiloFlow is a glass Flow Reactor designed for process development & small-scale production.  Fabricated from borosilicate glass, the Flow Reactor modules have integrated heat exchange layers that allows thermal regulation of feeds & mixing, enabling control of heat of reaction!  

The compact & modular nature of KiloFlow allows Users access to kg-quantities of material from a fume hood in a lab or pilot-plant environment.  Employing standard 1/4-28 UNF process ports & M16x1 service connectors, KiloFlow can be used with existing pumps & thermostats or supplied as a total system on request.  

Examples of User applications of KiloFlow:

  • Up-scaling of exothermic processes to kg-scale
  • Route development of high-value compounds
  • Early phase clinical material supply
  • Material delivery for performance testing

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  • Flow rate:  0.2-100 ml/min (up to 6 kg/h)
  • Reactor volume:  0.8 up to 18 ml (custom config. available)
  • Wetted materials:  Glass, PTFE & FFKM
  • Dimensions (incl. rack):  500 (W) x 400 (D) x 470 mm (H)

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