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Chemtrix BV Celebrates 15 Years!

28 March 2023

Tuesday 28th March 2023 see's Chemtrix BV turn 15!

Where it all started!

1. Research  Our interest in flow chemistry started in 2000, with a research project sponsored by Novartis (Basel, CH) - tasked with evaluating the use of micro reactors for the performance of common synthetic transformations!  With no commercial equipment available, glass devices were fabricated by hand at The University of Hull (UK).  With the early years spent discovering what was possible (or not!) & what benefits process intensification brought to organic reactions.

2. Partnerships  Forming a strategic partnership with Lionix BV in 2003, in particular with Dr. Hans van den Vlekkert, was a pivotal moment as it allowed us to step away from one-off prototype reactors & access significant quantities of highly reproducible glass flow reactors!  This partnership resulted in the formation of Chemtrix Ltd. in 2005, a joint venture between Lionix BV (NL) & The University of Hull (UK).

3. Commercialisation  In March 2008, Chemtrix BV was incorporated & we established our Headquarters in NL on the Chemelot Campus in Geleen.  This base allowed us to be close to our launch Customers in the specialty, fine chemical & pharmaceutical sectors.  Over the past 15 years, we have developed equipment & services suitable for use from mg-screening to multi metric-tonne production!

Dr Charlotte Wiles, CEO of Chemtrix BV comments 'I had no idea when starting my PhD in 2000 in the area of 'Micro Reactors in Organic Synthesis', that 23 years later I would find myself still actively contributing to what is now a maturing technology!  I am excited to see what the next 15 years brings for Chemtrix BV & the wider continuous manufacturing community!'

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About Chemtrix
Chemtrix BV offers a scalable flow reactor portfolio that affords researchers & industrialists the tools required to harness the advantages of primary continuous manufacturing.  We combine expertise in the field of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering & chemistry to help our customers to benefit from the advantages that flow chemistry brings.  Our expertise enables us to offer scalable & flexible flow chemistry solutions, focussing on delivering our Customers higher profits by accessing new chemical possibilities via a safe & reliable scale-up from lab to production-scale.  Working closely with academia & industry, we work to change the way that chemical processes are developed & implemented.  Our global user base spans research institutes & government laboratories to leaders in the fine chemical, specialty & pharmaceutical industries.

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