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A Community’s Perspective on the Future of Continuous Manufacturing

21 July 2020

It was our pleasure to take part in the virtual conference, ‘A Community’s Perspective on the Future of Continuous Manufacturing’, hosted by TKS & chaired by Dr. Gianvito Vile (Principal Investigator at Politechnico di Milano).  Together with Dr. Michael Nonnenmacher (Head of Innovation, Evonik Health Care) we covered topics ranging from:

  •      Thoughts on CM API approvals in the next decade
  •      Role of flow chemistry in education
  •      Opportunities to leverage CM in distributed manufacturing / supply chain management
  •      Benefits & challenges to implement machine learning

Concluding the discussion with audience questions highlighted significant concerns over critical raw material & API supply chains because of COVID-19. 

With continuous manufacturing offering small-footprint, modular plants, this agile technology will be key in addressing sustainable distributed manufacture of key fine & speciality chemicals, together with API production. 

As an extension to the virtual conference, the latest edition of Chemistry Today (Vol. 38 (3) 2020) showcases a diverse range of views from researchers to industrialists, CDMO’s to equipment manufacturers Learn More.

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