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Huber Showcase Protrix & the Ministat 230 at Lab Innovations

20 February 2018

Huber, a manufacturer of innovative high quality temperature control systems recently demonstrated the use of their Ministat 230 with our SiC lab-scale flow reactor Protrix at Lab Innovations (UK).  Huber quoted, “Chemtrix BV are an established, pioneering, leading manufacturer of Flow Reactors, with lengthy & deep expertise having successfully completed multiple high profile projects involving these reactors”.

Protrix is a ceramic (Silicon Carbide) continuous flow reactor for process development & small scale production.  Integrated heat exchangers & a metal free flow path gives optimal control for challenging flow chemistry applications.  During the event, the Ministat 230 was connected to the PT100 sensor embedded in the Flow Reactor demonstrating the excellent thermal control possible within such systems.

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